Gasp! That is what we want you to do when you step into our shop. Be tempted inside and let the living decor we have curated inspire you, relax you and find its way into you life.

We are a plant-focused gift and coffee shop. From beautifully potted plants, to books, body products and art, as long as it is beautiful and true to nature, it will have a home with us.

Scott or Tristan:


Eastlake Shopping Centre, Marina da Gama, Cape Town

Open Tuesday – Sunday, 10:00 – 18:00

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    I have a wide love of plants and their uses in everyday life. From cooking to propagating, natural remedies to decor, and my passion for the butterflies and insects they bring. I've studied a Bachelors in Botany and Ecology at the University of Cape Town to formalize my education. My greatest contributions to Gasp! are my creativity and the coffee bar. When I'm not at Gasp! I run a mobile massage practice and import and distribute supplements from Belgium.
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    I’ve spent most of my professional life working with plants. I love their unmatched colours, the varied fragrances, assorted textures and the medley of sounds they make in the wind simply give me goosebumps. Plants bring a sense of calm I never find anywhere else. Naturally then, I’m happiest close to plants. So I have made a home, in a comfy little shop, working with the things I like the most.
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    The first “proper” book I read was Harry Potter when I was seven years old. I remember my mother coming in to the room and noticing me reading. “Wow!” she said in amazement “Are you reading that?”. “Yes,” I said firmly, “you were taking too long to come and read to me, so I started reading to myself.” I remember thinking that the words were very small and hurt my eyes. I haven’t stopped reading since then. I was always found in the school library and I volunteered as a student librarian since I was in primary school. I also participated in as many literary general knowledge quizzes as possible. This just means that if I were an animal, I would be a Dannaticus Readmaximus. My natural habitat would be a comfortable couch nesting in a mound of fluffy blankets, continually devouring books! I will read anything and everything fictional and always share my love of reading.